About Discount Coupons Corp: Socially Engaging Marketing

The Daily Deal Industry
What began as a notion, became our passion. We love saving money, and our customers do too. When the industry zigged together, we zagged and created a whole new way of doing business in a crowded industry. Our deal sites differ from typical daily deal businesses because we foster long-term relationships with our merchants. We do this by working to create offers that can stand the test of time, continuing to create new customers month after month. DiscountCoupons.com has a history dating back to 1997, making us perhaps the oldest deal site on the market. We see a bright future for the daily deal industry as it continues to evolve to meet the increasing standards and demands of both businesses and consumers.

Socially Engaging Marketing Agency
The very purpose of mass media communications is to engage a broad audience to affect change. So, it is safe to say that all media is social. However, while most brands have made valiant efforts to harness the power of social media networks, very few have explored the broader implications of social media strategy on their business. That’s where Solstrata comes in. We analyze a business’ social influence, reach and engagement to develop a comprehensive social media strategy. We turn these social business strategies into actionable plans for businesses, we call the process and the product, Social Core Marketing.